The Post

January 12, 2018
Who will win the staring contest.. Meryl Street and Tom Hanks face off in 'The Post'

Steven Spielberg is to the cinema as Volvo is to the world of automobiles. Everyone recognises that a Volvo is an excellent, well-made car. It’s safe, reliable, high quality… but it will never get your pulse racing. With Spielberg we can be confident that each new feature will be a quality product. He’s too experienced, … More


January 7, 2014
Judi Dench in 'Philomena', 2013

Stephen Frears is one of the most versatile of British filmmakers, although the standard price of versatility is inconsistency. It’s hard to think of a truly great Frears film but there have been some very good ones. More of a tradesman than an artist, he has the ability to get an outstanding performance out of … More

Page One: Inside the New York Times

October 8, 2011
Film still, Page One, Inside the New York Times

Think of the New York Times and Tom Wolfe’s acqueous description in The Painted Word comes quickly to mind: “that great public bath, that vat, that spa, that regional physiotherapy tank, that White Sulphur Springs, that Marienbad, that Ganges, that River Jordan for a million souls”.. a daily ritual immersion in news and commentary – … More