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Mozart’s Sister

July 15, 2011
Mozart's Sister

After sitting through Sofia Coppola’s disastrous Marie Antoinette many viewers might feel they never want to see another periwig. The French, however, are addicted to these costume dramas which hark back to days of imperial glory and quicksilver repartée. Add a little Baroque music and the recipe is irresistible. So when a French film called … More

Little White Lies

June 24, 2011
Little White Lies

From the first frame we are plunged into the loud, lurid bacchanalia of a Parisian nightclub. Ludo (Jean Dujardin) is stumbling across the floor, smashed on booze and coke. Finally, he decides to call it a night. Out the door, onto his motorbike, puttering away down the long, lonely avenues of early morning. We watch … More