Archibald Prize

Margaret Olley 1923 – 2011: An Appreciation

July 25, 2011

“Hurry, hurry, last days!” Margaret Olley would cry when someone tried to involve her in another hopeful project. It usually involved Margaret making a donation of some sort, or simply gracing an event with her presence. At the end she found it easier to write a cheque rather than face a room full of people … More

The 2011 Archibald Prize

April 16, 2011
Ben Quilty, Margaret Olley, oil on linen, 170 x 150cm

It’s appropriate the Archibald Prize should coincide with Easter, because the Trustees of the Art Gallery of NSW have repented of their sins of last year and asked to be forgiven. Not in so many words, of course. They have simply chosen a better, more credible exhibition and tried to put the horrors of 2010 … More


April 17, 2010
sDel Kathryn Barton, Come of Things, synthetic polymer paint, gouache, watercolour and pen on polyester canvas, 2010

Looking at Wilderness, a new survey of contemporary painting, at the Art Gallery of NSW, I had the familiar suspicion that the artists had been chosen before the title. The procedure goes something like this: 1. Select a group of artists who seem to be cool enough to appeal to your peer group. 2. Think … More

Salon des Refuses, Wynne & Sulman Prize

April 3, 2010
Sam Leach, Proposal for Landscape Cosmos, oil on canvas, 2010

Nothing could make this year’s Archibald Prize exhibition look good, although the Salon des Refusés at the S.H.Ervin Gallery makes it more understandable. After examining those works rejected from the official hang one may feel a twinge of sympathy for the Trustees of the Art Gallery of NSW who had to work their way through … More

Archibald Prize 2010

March 27, 2010
Adam Chang, Two eyes - closing to open, oil on canvas, 200 x 350cm

No form of human activity nowadays comes without the possibility of therapy. Tiger Woods had to call in the specialists over his sex addiction, Michael Clarke has seen a psychologist to get his mind off his personal problems and back onto cricket. When Kevin Rudd apologised to the stolen generation, counselling services were reputedly made … More